Ceremonies at the Brittany and Normandy American Cemeteries


This ceremony brings together outstanding performing ensembles, JROTC Cadets, Young Marines, Veterans Organizations, Political Leaders and Veterans for a fitting and memorable salute to the fallen soldiers of World War II.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Massed Band and Choir will perform Hymn to the Fallen. A wreath laying ceremony will take place at the memorial "Spirit of American Youth".

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The Historic Programs Ceremonies are recognized by officials as an important observance of the Anniversary of the World War II. These ceremonies are unique in that they provide a musical component not seen in other ceremonies that take place in Normandy during this time. These ceremonies reverently observe and pay tribute to the fallen soldiers. In a fitting way is they are presented in large part by young Americans who are of the same age as those who lost their lives here many years ago. These ceremonies both educate and inspire the leaders of tomorrow to honor and learn from great Americans of the past. These ceremonies though not associated with the official International ceremony, are equally significant. It is common for veterans who have attended all ceremonies to say of ours that "this was the most meaningful and touching ceremony that I had ever attended before".


So in the Spirit of American Youth and recognizing that "History is best remembered by the music that marked the time" we invite you to attend, participate and be inspired as we salute the best of what America has to offer in a remarkable and meaningful way.