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Friday Performances

10:00 AM          Utah Pipes & Drums          Bagpipe Band

10:30 AM          St. Augustine HS                 Band

11:00 AM           Voodoo Orchestra               Jazz Band

11:30 AM           Soundhouse                         Jazz Band

12:00 PM          Riverwood Hornets            Band

12:30 PM           Upper Chesapeake             Band

Saturday Performances

9:00 AM           Collegiate Band - White      Band

9:30 AM            Masters of Harmony           Choir

10:00 AM          Collegiate Band - Blue        Band

10:30 AM          East Berlin Community      Choir

11:00 AM          Collegiate Band - Red          Band

11:30 AM          Choral Artists of Sarasota   Choir

12:00 PM         All American DDay Band     Band

12:30 PM         Heralds of Harmony

                           Atlanta Vocal Project

                           Sound of Tennessee              Choir

1:00 PM           Jacksonville State Univ.       Band

1:30 PM           Longview High School          Choir

2:00 PM          D-Day Memorial Parade

3:00 PM          Longest Day Performance




Hawaii Honor JROTC - HI

All Collegiate Band - USA

Elks Veterans - FL

All American Band - USA

Clearwater Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol  - FL

St. Augustine HS Band - LA

Choral Artists of Sarasota - FL

Riverwood Hornets Australian Cadet Corps - Aus

Alaska JROTC

Chicago PD/FD Pipes - IL

Atlanta Vocal Project / Heralds of Harmony

Sound of Tennessee GA, FL, TN

Upper Chesapeake Band - MD

Masters of Harmony - CA

Boaz High School Band - AL

Anthem Prep School Dance - UT 

Voodoo Orchestra / Sound House - UT

Oakridge JROTC - TN

Utah Pipe Band - UT

Raritan HS Band - NJ

East Berlin Community Singers - PA

Benedictine Pipe Band - VA

Longview HS Choir - TX

Jacksonville State Band - AL

SME New Route Feb 2019.jpg
Bus Holding Area
Drop off and Instrument storage
Parade Route
Concert Stage
Assembly Area
Walking route for parade assembly
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