All-American D-Day Band


June 1-10, 2017

Participate in the 2016 D-Day All-National High School Honor Band!  As a member of this Band you will perform as a Music Ambassador in the D-Day Memorial Parade and Musical Salute commemoration events.  This historic program will take place June 1-10, 2015 in Normandy and Paris, France.


Your experience will begin in the beautiful city of San Antonio, as each member of the Band will meet and rehearse together.  Music for the Band will be sent 60 days prior to your arrival in San Antonio, and every musician will be expected to be proficient with the material.  After two days of rehearsal, it will be off to France.  Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your bi-lingual tour mangers who will guide you through the exciting events in Normandy and Paris. The inclusive price of $3599 will feature the following:


  • Round-trip airfare from San Antonio to Paris
  • 2 nights in San Antonio
  • 3 nights in Normandy
  • 3 nights in Paris
  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Performances at the American Cemetery in Brittany, in Sainte Mere Eglise, and at the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach
  • Performances in Paris at Luxembourg Gardens and Notre Dame de Paris
  • Tours of le Mont St. Michel, Omaha Beach, Point du Hoc, Louvre museum, and the city of Paris


For the past two decades, the staff members at Historic Programs have had the privilege to stand with D-Day survivors as they return to Omaha and Utah Beach for the first time since 1944.  We have held the hands of Pearl Harbor survivors as they walk onto the Pearl Harbor visitors Center.  We have participated in musical salutes to veterans as they see the WWII Memorial for the first time, and we have cried along with Vietnam Veterans as they find the names of fallen comrades on “The Wall” in DC.  We can never forget these men and women, nor can we forget these important moments in American history.  Our nation is exceptional because we choose to be and because we sacrificed our all to preserve liberty and freedom for all people everywhere.  Historic Programs will continue to keep our past from becoming the present by honoring our Greatest Americans and sharing their legacy with our future generations for years to come.  The members of the D-Day All-National High School Honor Band are an integral part of America’s future and play an important role in these historical commemorations.



Registration Deadline: October 1, 2016

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We recommend that you purchase a travel insurance plan. Click on the link below for additional information. 
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