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JUNE 6, 2019




 Fair Grounds Staging Area

(Groups will have 15 minutes to unload and depart to cemetery)

Each group is approximately 10 buses

8:00am Group 1 Arrive at Fair Grounds (Uncase instruments)

8:15 Group 2 Arrive at Fair Grounds (Uncase instruments)

8:30 Group 3 Arrive at Fair Grounds (Uncase instruments)

8:45 Group 4 Arrive at Fair Grounds (Uncase instruments)

9:00 Group 5 Arrives at Fair Grounds (Uncase instruments)

9:15 Group 6 Arrives at Fair Grounds (Uncase instruments)


Arrive at Brittany Cemetery

(Upon Arrival Groups will be escorted to their performance spot for Rehearsal)

8:45 Group 1 (Front Entrance) Arrives at Cemetery 

9:00  Group 2 (Side Entrance) Arrives at Cemetery 

9:15 Group 3 (Front Entrance) Arrives at Cemetery

9:30 Group 4 (Side Entrance) Arrives at Cemetery

9:45 Group 5 (Front Entrance) Arrives at Cemetery

10:00 Group 6 (Side Entrance) Arrives at Cemetery CEREMONY - SEE CEREMONY SCHEDULE




10:30am: Rehearsal (Groups begin in their performance place, rehearse than move out to their positioning location and wait for the signal to march back to performance place to begin ceremony) 






10:30: Orchestra Performing at entrance as people arrive 


11:40: Bands / JROTC Units begin marching into place - Accompanied by NYPD Pipes and Drums -

                Followed by Armed Forces Medley by combined Pipes & Drums

11:50: Audience Seated / Performers in Place

11:50: Prelude-Performance (Choir)

12:00: Master of Ceremonies: (please stand)

12:00: French & USA National Anthems performed by University of Texas Alumni Band

12:07: Master of Ceremonies – Welcome and introduction of Special Guests (Recognize Local

                Students holding flags.)

12:10: Speaker (Superintendent David Bedford) Official Welcome

12:17: Speaker ( Monsieur Duhamel Maurice the Honorable Mayor of Montjoie-Saint-Marn )

12:22: Speaker (Luke Duckworth - Student)

12:27: Speaker (Veteran-John Santillo – North Africa, Utah Beach, Crossed the Rhine River


12:32: Speaker (Veteran - James Clarmont – USS Herndon – D-Day ship Omaha Beach)

12:36: Speaker (Veteran - Fred Wall , U.S. Navy Drove landing cra to beach on D-Day

12:40: Amazing Grace - Wreath Laying Ceremony – Select Veterans / NYPD Pipes and Drums ( Taps

               played after Amazing Grace and Wreaths are placed)

12:50: Mass Band and Chorus “Hymn to the Fallen” (All bands conducted by Dr. Scott Hanna, UT

                Longhorn band,

               bands will be joined by the Sound of the Rockies Men’s Chorus, director Mark Hale)

12:55: Special Musical Number - Sound of the Rockies ( This Is My Wish/What a Wonderful World

               Medley, Tim & Angela Lauer/Bob Thiele arranged by Gary Lewis Conducted by Mark Hale)

1:00:  All Dismissed (See Departure Schedule)


Depart from Cemetery 1:15 Group 1 (Front Entrance) Loads Buses and Departs

1:30 Group 2 (Side Entrance) Loads Buses and Departs

1:45 Group 3 (Front Entrance) Loads Buses and Departs

2:00 Group 4 (Side Entrance) Loads Buses and Departs

2:15 Group 5 (Front Entrance) Loads Buses and Departs

2:30 Group 6 (Side Entrance) Loads Buses and Depart

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